College vs Self-education

Heeft je nieuwe aanwinst net je handen geperforeerd en ben je op zoek naar een methode om dat af te leren? Of blinkt zijn vacht niet meer, dan kan je hier terecht met al je vragen over de verzorging, de opvoeding en de huisvestiting van je fret.
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College vs Self-education

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this tiring old argument crops on on ars with depressing regularity. Some people dismiss college and a waste of time, something that doesn't teach anything of value, and state that experience in the 'real world' is far more valuable. Then they give anecdotal evidence about some college educated coworker who can't find thier ass with both hands and a road map and try to use this to justify their college-is-crap position. Then someone jumps in on the other side and talks about having an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings, a more complete understanding of whole field, and given the same level of experience that college educated employees are more valuable than non-college educated ones. Now my question is: How many of you WITH college degrees believe that their valueless and wish that you'd skipped it and gone straight to the real world. Conversely how many of you who skipped/dropped out of college and went to work wish you gotten your degree? Is this a 'straight party ticket' question where those who've got a degree think they're valuable, and those who don't can't see any reason to get one?

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